Welcome to the land of misfit dogs. My hope with this blog is to share entertaining stories about my life with a bunch of rescue dogs.

Here’s what I DON’T plan to do with my blog…even though my dogs are all rescue dogs and most have come from not so nice places, and some have been down right actually mistreated, I do not plan to focus repeatedly on their sad stories or on their handicaps.

The exception will be the Cast of Characters page where I will give a brief backstory on each dog. It’s important to know where they came from, but we don’t focus on that once they come into our pack. We don’t have any “oh that poor little dog” pity parties here. Here it’s all about going forward. Dogs pick up on our emotions and I strongly believe that feeling sorry for an already anxious or confused dog doesn’t do them any favors.

Whenever I take in a new dog (whether it is a dog I am adopting, or in the past a dog that I was fostering), I sit with them and give them what I call “the speech”. I tell them that they are now safe, that their life will be better than it has been, and that I will do all that I can to make sure that nothing bad ever happens to them again. On more than one occasion after “the speech” I actually heard an audible sigh from the dog sitting on the car seat next to me.

Since it is commonly thought that dogs live in the present, that is how I try to live with my dogs. We don’t dwell on our old lives, because they are where they belong, in the past. Once a dog joins our little pack we don’t feel sorry for them, we show them what a nice life feels like. However, if you were to ask the dogs I’m sure some of them do feel a little sorry for themselves on occasion when they don’t get some of whatever I happened to be eating.

As a young girl my dream was to live with a houseful of dogs and for the past 11 years I’ve had the good fortune to live that dream. I currently live with a small pack of adopted rescue dogs (and a few cats) who I lovingly call my misfits. I call them misfits because many of them were originally deemed “unadoptable” due to physical or behavioral handicaps of one sort or another that put them high on the euthanasia list at shelters. My back ground in the veterinary field combined with my ongoing involvement in the world of dog training and behavior  made me uniquely equipped to provide a home for such dogs.

It also helps that at this time in my life I am fortunate enough to be home full time for the most part.  Aside from the occasional appointment with my training clients, I am rarely away from home. On average I would say I am gone for maybe 2 to 3 hours a few times a month.


Left to right – Pip, Monty and Dexter


I’ll try to post pretty much every day but I know better than to make promises, so sometimes I’ll just post a photo if I don’t have much to say. I have LOTS of pictures of my dogs past and present, and of the dogs that I fostered over the years.


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