After losing two senior dogs in June, I decided to consider adopting a younger dog. I started looking on line at rescues, and in July found a photo of a frightened, skinny, pathetic looking little guy. He was all black and was listed as a 1 yr. old Chihuahua mix, but he looked more like an Italian Greyhound mix to me.  I’ve often thought I’d enjoy having an Italian Greyhound (kind of smaller version of Stickie!). They’re not very common, especially in rescue, so I never really figured I’d find one. This little dude had a brother who was also available. I only wanted one new dog, so I called and was told that they could be adopted separately. YES! A few days later, after an hour and half drive to the rescue I was told that they wanted the brothers to be adopted together. Oh, man…seriously?

I know the people at this rescue (I’ve adopted from them before), so I didn’t think that they were trying to pull a fast one, but I did ask why I was told on the phone that the dogs could be adopted separately. They explained that the two had had gotten stressed when they tried to separate them, and considering they’d been together since they were pups they wanted to keep them together if possible. This is exactly why I generally think it’s a really bad idea to adopt litter-mates to the same home – they can become overly attached to each other.

Well, I wasn’t planning on adopting two dogs, but you know the whole “best laid plans” thing sort of came into play, and I ended up bringing them both home.  I named them Cubby and Sox in honor of the two Chicago baseball teams. Cubby is all black, except for a tiny little white stripe on his chest that is almost imperceptible. Sox has a big white splash on his chest and white feet… (white socks).  Yeah I know, bad pun, but it makes it easy for people to remember who is who.

As I had hoped, they fit into the pack seamlessly. It seemed like they had pretty good doggie etiquette when I was visiting with them at the rescue, so I wasn’t predicting any serious issues. That always makes things easier. Even with puppies if the energy isn’t a fit for the pack it can cause disruption. These brothers have brought a lot of young fun energy into the house, and Huck loves finally having some playmates his age.

After having them here for a few months I’m even more convinced that they are Italian Greyhound mixes – maybe with Chihuahua since they are small at 7 and 8 lbs. I am also glad that I adopted them both.

They are sweet, silly and NAUGHTY! I figured that adopting dogs that were a year old would mean we were past a bunch of the puppy stuff. WRONG! These two have chewed up more things than any puppies I’ve had.  They sailed over the gates like little gazelles, and they can climb too! All just more evidence that they’re probably Italian Greyhounds. Their naughtiness has earned them the titles “the black demons” and “the weasel brothers”. They make me laugh every day, are very generous with the doggie kisses and are the best naughty dogs in the world.

Oh, and they both love Nemo, of course.

One thought on “Newbies

  1. The boys are a great mix of fun and naughty. They are a perfect fit into the mix and are so lucky to have found their way into your heart and home. FYI…when I come back as a dog…your house is where I want to live.

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