Yesterday Ferris met his some of cousins – both human and doggie… I’m going to do a little bragging here, so be prepared.   I have a truly wonderful family.  My mom is one of the most patient, accepting, loving people walking on the planet.  My sister, her husband, and my brothers and their wives are some of the best people I’ve ever known.   They are also amazing parents.  My nieces and nephews have grown up to be decent, polite, warm, loving, productive, responsible human beings, and I am proud to call them family.  Ok, done with the bragging.

I wanted to have Ferris meet some new people, (and dogs if possible) – so we made a trip to my brother Tim’s house.  Tim and Judy have six children (four still at home), and two fairly large dogs, which is the perfect setting for doing some socializing!

First I had to prepare for the trip.  I always have a large crate in the back of my vehicle for the dogs to safely travel in.  I packed up a collar and leash (even though I’ve admittedly not had him on a leash much yet), a travel crate small enough to carry into the house, a cooler for treats and dog food (he still eats three times a day), and a chew toy for the crate.  Now I know how people with babies feel trying to get out of the house while carrying a ton of stuff!!  Luckily he’s a good traveler and usually falls asleep quickly in the car.

My biggest concern was the fact that little Ferris is not reliably housebroken quite yet.  When we got there and I expressed my concern to both Tim and Judy their response was “Oh, that’s not a big deal, he can pee on the floor, we’ll just clean it up.”  Did I mention that my family is AMAZING?  I mean, seriously.

Tim and his family have done a great job raising their two dogs – Emmy and Dempsey.  Both dogs have stayed with me several times, and go to the dog park on a regular basis, and as a result know how to behave with other dogs.  Besides, Ferris is a “dog’s dog” kind of guy and I was predicting he’d be probably more comfortable with new dogs than with new people at this point anyway.

   Dempsey (on the left) and Emmy

Ferris doing his usual submissive dog greeting – GOOD BOY!

At first Dempsey wasn’t quite sure what to do. Emmy  was more interested in her toy.

I love how Emmy’s tail is “framing” Ferris          

He spent time playing with the dogs and meeting a few of his human “cousins” too. Here he is with Eva and George.


I gave everyone some treats, and we made a game of calling Ferris back and forth.  When he came to someone they offered him the treat, and either petted him or asked him to sit before giving it to him.  He is very food motivated, so it was a great way to get him comfortable with strangers.   I took him out into the yard several times to see if he would pee, without success.  To be fair, he was distracted (and it was rainy and chilly).  At one point he did end up peeing on the carpet (sheesh Ferris!)  We cleaned it up, he went into his travel crate for his lunch, and took a nap while we ate our lunch.  When he woke up from his nap we said our good-byes and headed home.

He had a BIG day out and was a tired little guy last night…


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