Ummm…what about us???

Last night I was changing the comforters and blankets on the futons, adding pillows, and generally making things all comfy for a family night with the dogs watching Dancing with the Stars, when Rex kind of gave me “the look”.  He had something on his mind.

As it turns out, while I was taking a nap yesterday, YES a nap (I’m still adjusting to dealing with the fact that the dogs are NOT adjusting to the time change), there was some sort of secret dog meeting.

I’ve always been suspicious that the dogs get on the internet, order pizza, make microwave popcorn, and order pay-per-view on the rare occasion that I’m not around, but it turns out it is actually much worse than that.  They have secret “meetings” about ME!  Anyway – they decided I’d take the news best from Rex.  As it turns out, the dogs are not happy about my recent blog posts being so focused on Ferris.  It was pointed out that I had not posted anything for months, and then boom! I’m suddenly posting nearly every day – and it’s all about Ferris.

It isn’t unusual for there to be a bit of jealousy with a new baby in the house, but apparently I had pushed things a bit too far this time.  Lucky for me all it took was a sincere apology – and a LOT of home made chicken dog treats to make it all okay.  Whew!   We spent a nice evening watching TV together.


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