Happy New Year!

Ok, so I’m a little late, but that’s because I had a 2 day long migraine that lasted through New Year’s Eve.  Then yesterday, New Year’s Day, at some point in the morning, my furnace died.  Of course it waited until a holiday to die, and even better it waited until it was 10 below zero here.  That’s right 10 below; that was the air temp. not the wind chill people.

The midwest is having a “cold snap” right now.  This means quite a few people are experiencing furnace failure.  The old beater furnaces just can’t keep up when it’s this cold out.  I’ve had trouble off and on with my furnace since I moved in here 5 years ago – the furnace is 25 yrs. old, but it limped along with tweaking here and there from my furnace guys.  I knew I’d have to get another one some day, but you know how that goes…”some day” just seems somewhere out there in the future.  Well, “some day” had arrived, and now it was urgent.

Within a few short hours my house was a rather chilly 58 degrees.  If you’re thinking, gee Michele you must be a wimp, 58 degrees isn’t that bad, try setting your air conditioning to 58 and see how it feels.

I called my heating guys who are awesome, and have 24 hour emergency service.  As I mentioned a lot of people experience furnace issues when it gets this cold out, so the soonest someone could get here was between 2 and 6 p.m.   I was just grateful that someone could come.   I threw a bunch of extra blankets in the dryer to warm them up and then put them out for the dogs, who all cuddled up together.


I put a small space heater in the bedroom for the birds, and another space heater in the kitchen blowing into the family room.  Then I decided to do a little cooking so I could use the oven, and generate a little more heat.  I made some pork chops, and then baked brownies for the furnace guy since he had to come out in the bitter cold on a holiday to fix my furnace.

He arrived and within a few minutes of fiddling with the furnace had the heat running again.  As I said, my heating guys are AMAZING.  Then we sat down and discussed a new furnace which is being installed tomorrow!!  I don’t want to have this happen again.  Oh and by the way, he didn’t charge me for a service call, even though it was a holiday, and an emergency call.  He said it was because I was purchasing a new furnace, but I think it was the brownies.