Summer camp

This week we will be enjoying the company of two additional dogs – Emmy and Dempsey.  My brother and his family are going up to Northern Wisconsin on vacation while the two canine family members enjoy their annual visit to The Land of Misfits Summer Camp!

Dempsey & Emmy

Both Emmy and Dempsey have been coming here for visits since they were pups, and have stayed with us on several occasions.  With the help of Rex they quickly learned the rules of Misfit Land.  In addition, my brother Tim, and his family have done a terrific job of raising them to be wonderful dogs with great doggie manners.  Now that they are all grown up, whenever they visit they slip right into the routine pretty seamlessly.

Ferris LOVES both of them and gets very excited when they come to stay.  More playmates!!! Yay!!!!!!!!  Last night was their first meeting with Henry.  He was a bit reserved, at first, but also curious.  I’ve noticed that Henry relies on the other dogs for his cues on visitors, human and canine.  I am happy he does this, it is healthy puppy behavior in a pack environment – take your cues from the adults.  It is extremely helpful with pups who are shy or hesitant, fortunately Henry is neither, but I am always pleased when I see the “pack energy” influence in action.

Once Henry saw that everyone, including Rex, was happy to see them, he relaxed.  Within a half an hour he was playing with them both.  He seems to prefer Dempsey’s more laid back personality, while Ferris is drawn to Emmy’s energy and “let’s play” outlook on life.  I’ll have more posts with pictures this week of the gang all hanging out together, but for now I’ll leave you with a photo I took last night of Tim with most of the gang out on the deck shortly after they arrived.  As you can see from the photo – the dogs all adore him…guess the “dog thing” really does run in the family.

The jokester

I love taking photos of my dogs.  Henry is a growing pup, so I probably take more  shots of him than the other guys lately.

It’s fun to look back at baby pics and see the process of growing up.

Today he was lying on the floor in a cute way so I grabbed the camera to snap a few quick shots…

Yes, that’s Henry’s back end, completely covered by the giant nose of (who else) Ferris!

That’s more like it!

Ferris never fails to take advantage of an opportunity to make me laugh.

Problem solved (maybe)

In my last post we continued the saga of Destructodog (aka Ferris), and his newly recruited partner in crime, the ever innocent Henry.  I recounted, complete with photos, their deconstruction of yet another futon mattress (that’s 2 total).

Yeah right dude, that innocent face isn’t going to work.

Because this was Henry’s first foray to the dark side, and considering there was yet a third damaged, but still functioning mattress yet to be completely dismembered, I thought perhaps it might be a good idea to take away further temptation.  This morning I dragged both the seriously damaged mattress, and the not so damaged mattress out into the garage to await my further plans for their demise.  That makes a grand total of 3 futon mattress corpses now in my already crowded garage (more to come on that topic).

This created a problem.  I needed something to put on the futon frames in place of the mattresses.  The solution needed to be something flat, yet sturdy, to put over the wire mesh that I could then cover with blankets, pillows, and dog beds.

This may seem a bit off topic, but my family and close friends know that I rarely leave my home, by choice.  It isn’t that I have a phobia about leaving,  I can and do go out and about when needed, I just prefer to be at home.

I’ve always been a homebody, and thanks to the internet,  I have taken complete advantage of on-line services.  I use Chewy (for pet supplies), Amazon (for everything else), and PeaPod (a local grocery delivery service).  It’s awesome!  I can stay home with the beasts, write, work on my various art projects, watch Netflix, serf the internet, and talk on the phone.  Anything and everything I want is delivered to my door. What more could a woman ask for?  Ummm…NOTHING!   I realize this is just my humble opinion, but I have embraced and love my hermitude!  Yeah, not a word, but I like it so I’m keeping it.

One down side to my different, (but totally AWSOME) lifestyle, is that over time I have accumulated TONS of cardboard boxes from all of the deliveries.   I do break them down and put them out on recycling day, but I can’t put out cardboard larger than 2′ x 2′ and the process of breaking the bigger boxes down into the proper size gets a bit tedious.  The result is a seemingly ever growing pile of boxes that takes up almost half of my garage at this point.  I have fondly started referring to it as Box Mountain.

I work on breaking down Box Mountain in my free time (hahahahaha).  I should also mention that living in the Midwest means that there aren’t a lot of days where it isn’t either too hot or too cold to be out in my garage for extended periods.  When the weather is nice, who wants to be stuck in the garage working on breaking down cardboard??  See my dilemma??

HEY!  I’ll use some of the flattened cardboard on the futons!!!!!!!!!!  If the dogs destroy it, I can just put it out for recycling because they’ll have torn it into small enough chunks for me.

Viola!!!  Problem solved…for now anyway.

Go for it Destructodog!!  I’ve got a LOT more where that came from.



Oh well

As many of you know, I recently adopted Henry as a playmate for Ferris.  Henry is such a fun, happy little guy.  Roly-poly, silly, and sweet as can be.  He picked up on the routine here quickly, and has been an easy pup for the most part.  As you can see by the photo, he’s super adorable too!

He has also earned his cookies being a die hard playmate for Ferris.  The two of them play and play and play, take a nap, and play some more.

Having Henry around was really helping Ferris curb his destructive tendencies, until this happened…


That’s right – Ferris AND Henry having a blast destroying the futon mattress.  Seems Henry is quite the quick learner.   I just couldn’t get mad, they were having too much fun.  Truth be told, I was planning on getting rid of it anyway because  Ferris had previously damaged it enough that it wasn’t worth keeping.  I had repaired the original hole, but this time Ferris found the side seam which made it much easier to do a lot of damage in short order.  Oh well, life is just too short, and they’ll only be puppies once right?

Puppy pics

Not much new going on, just the usual puppy stuff with Henry.  Before we know it he’ll be all grown up.  Thought I’d post baby pics while I still can.

Puppy cuteness

Wrestling with Ferris. One of several daily sessions

Rex joining in on the fun.

Now it’s Rudy’s turn.

Henry trying to absorb some wisdom from his elders…Minna & Magoo