Oh well

As many of you know, I recently adopted Henry as a playmate for Ferris.  Henry is such a fun, happy little guy.  Roly-poly, silly, and sweet as can be.  He picked up on the routine here quickly, and has been an easy pup for the most part.  As you can see by the photo, he’s super adorable too!

He has also earned his cookies being a die hard playmate for Ferris.  The two of them play and play and play, take a nap, and play some more.

Having Henry around was really helping Ferris curb his destructive tendencies, until this happened…


That’s right – Ferris AND Henry having a blast destroying the futon mattress.  Seems Henry is quite the quick learner.   I just couldn’t get mad, they were having too much fun.  Truth be told, I was planning on getting rid of it anyway because  Ferris had previously damaged it enough that it wasn’t worth keeping.  I had repaired the original hole, but this time Ferris found the side seam which made it much easier to do a lot of damage in short order.  Oh well, life is just too short, and they’ll only be puppies once right?

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