Summer camp

This week we will be enjoying the company of two additional dogs – Emmy and Dempsey.  My brother and his family are going up to Northern Wisconsin on vacation while the two canine family members enjoy their annual visit to The Land of Misfits Summer Camp!

Dempsey & Emmy

Both Emmy and Dempsey have been coming here for visits since they were pups, and have stayed with us on several occasions.  With the help of Rex they quickly learned the rules of Misfit Land.  In addition, my brother Tim, and his family have done a terrific job of raising them to be wonderful dogs with great doggie manners.  Now that they are all grown up, whenever they visit they slip right into the routine pretty seamlessly.

Ferris LOVES both of them and gets very excited when they come to stay.  More playmates!!! Yay!!!!!!!!  Last night was their first meeting with Henry.  He was a bit reserved, at first, but also curious.  I’ve noticed that Henry relies on the other dogs for his cues on visitors, human and canine.  I am happy he does this, it is healthy puppy behavior in a pack environment – take your cues from the adults.  It is extremely helpful with pups who are shy or hesitant, fortunately Henry is neither, but I am always pleased when I see the “pack energy” influence in action.

Once Henry saw that everyone, including Rex, was happy to see them, he relaxed.  Within a half an hour he was playing with them both.  He seems to prefer Dempsey’s more laid back personality, while Ferris is drawn to Emmy’s energy and “let’s play” outlook on life.  I’ll have more posts with pictures this week of the gang all hanging out together, but for now I’ll leave you with a photo I took last night of Tim with most of the gang out on the deck shortly after they arrived.  As you can see from the photo – the dogs all adore him…guess the “dog thing” really does run in the family.

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