Hot Dogs!

We are well into summer now, and that means, picnics, parties and grills brimming with hamburgers, brats, and hot dogs!  I love a good Chicago style hot dog, but this post is about these kind of hot dogs…

Whoa, it’s HOT out here!

We’ve been experiencing temps in the mid to high 90’s, accompanied by high humidity 75%(!) here in Chicagoland for the past several days.  Going outside basically feels like stepping into a sauna.  The air hits you like a wall, and within minutes you start to wilt like old lettuce.

Fortunately, with the (often taken for granted) benefit of air conditioning, the dogs and I have remained comfortable.  I also have the additional insurance of a generator.  It came with the house when I bought it and has been a source of comfort when extreme weather is predicted – winter or summer.  It has been a bit unreliable lately, but don’t worry – the repair man, Andy, was here a few days ago after it did not come on during a brief power outage.  He determined the problem, ordered a part, and in a week or so, after the part arrives, he’ll be out to finish the job.  Meanwhile, it is out of commission, but that just means I’ll have to deal with the possibility of losing power just like most people – hope it doesn’t happen and if it does, hope it is resolved quickly before all of the food in the fridge is ruined.

The dogs are a mixed bag regarding the heat.  Some of the smaller and shorter haired dogs love it, and want to lie out on the deck.  They pant away smiling and soaking up the heat.  Others HATE it and are at the door, tongues lolling out, seeking shade and wanting back inside within a few minutes.

Ahhh, nice and warm – YES!


I always monitor the dogs when they’re out in this kind of heat.  I sit out with them, have fresh water available, and insist on everyone coming inside when I go in, even the “heat seekers” no matter how reluctant they may be.


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