Where oh where have the futons gone?

A few days ago a very dear friend of mine came for a visit.  We’ve been friends for almost 40 years, and we get together for lunch now and then, which is not often enough, but we do the best we can.

She wanted to come and see the dogs since she had not yet had the opportunity to meet Cubby, Sox, Ferris, or Henry.  She is kind enough to read this blog so she was aware of the Destructodog Saga involving Ferris and his homicidal tendencies toward anything involving fabric and stuffing.  One of the first things she noticed was that the futons were GONE!!

I had forgotten to continue the saga here on the blog.  For those who for some strange reason may be interested, we will pick up the story after I had resorted to dragging the futon mattresses out to the garage to await the 1-800-GOTJUNK guys, and was using the cardboard from box mountain in place of mattresses.  If you are confused, or don’t understand the terms “Destructodog” or “Box Mountain” you need to read some of the previous posts, or just skip this one – I promise I won’t be offended.


To recap: When we last left our heroine, she had ingeniously dealt with the aftermath of Destructodog by visiting Box Mountain, and harvesting some of its treasure.


The magical Box Mountain

The villagers were satisfied with the new, albeit a bit less comfy, futon solution and were happily going about their little furry lives.  

Notice the cardboard underneath the blankets

Destructodog was still on the rampage, but his new focus was disemboweling stuffed toys, dog beds, and pillows.

But alas, after a few weeks our heroine was confronted with yet another doggie dilemma.  In secret, some of the furry villagers took a vote – namely Ferris, Henry and the Weasel Brothers (Cubby & Sox), and decided that racing back and forth on top of the new futon platforms was a really fun game.  This wasn’t really an issue when there were mattresses on top of the futon frames, but dogs bounding back and forth on top of cardboard is LOUD.  In addition, this game meant the blankets were being scattered hither and yon which exposed the cardboard and…you guessed it!  Destructodog was ON THE JOB!!!  Once Destructodog knew that there was hidden treasure under those blankets, nothing would stop him from exposing the treasure to share with the furry villagers.  Dragging the cardboard off of the futon frames resulted in exposing the wire framing which could have been a disaster for little doggie legs.  Our heroine took yet another of several hundred heavy sighs, and resigned herself to taking drastic measures.

The new and improved, futon free, family room!

And they all lived happily ever after…for now.





Once again I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed!  This week (on Saturday) fall officially arrives.

I love the change of seasons, and I’m looking forward to fall – crisp mornings, apples, pumpkins, football games, and of course the beautiful fall colors when the leaves start to change.  I have a maple tree in my front yard that is spectacular when it turns.

I took this picture of leaves from the maple tree a few years ago.

One of the other things I’m looking forward to is NO MORE mosquitoes.  They have been horrible this year, and particularly vicious the past week or so.  It’s like they know their time is limited and they want to cause as much misery as possible while they can.  Little bastards.  This is also boxelder bug time, which I actually enjoy (yeah I know – weird).  I think they’re cute, and they really don’t cause any harm.  I don’t mind having them around, even in the house.  I sometimes find one inside and take it a little drink of water.  If you put a drop of water nearby, they will often uncurl their little tongue and take a nice long drink.  It’s pretty neat.

Overall we’ve had a good summer here in The Land of Misfit Dogs.  I adopted Henry in May, and he has been a wonderful addition to the pack.  I’ve been joking with friends that Henry is my reward for putting up with Ferris.  It’s not completely true, and not fair to Ferris, but it usually gets a good laugh, and I’m not above using my dogs for humor.

Ferris turned a year last month, and has grown up in a lot of ways.  He is still a bit of a quandary, and I suppose he always will be.  That’s fine, it makes life interesting, and he is without a doubt a good dog and I love him, but he is a bit odd.  When people visit, he is polite and friendly, but once he says hello, he really isn’t interested in them anymore.  He doesn’t respond to them calling him over for some petting or to play with a toy.  He basically gives them a sort of “huh?” look, and wanders over to hang out with the other dogs.  He really is a dog’s dog, more than a people dog, which around here is obviously fine.  I always tell people who haven’t met him before that it isn’t that he doesn’t like them, he’s just…well…a bit odd.  In fact, it’s only been recently that Ferris has started to initiate interacting with ME.   He puts his paws up on me to greet me which I normally wouldn’t allow, but because he’s not that big, and he’s actually coming to me for attention, I’ve been happy to let him do it.  Sometimes when I pet him, he will hold still for a bit, stand there and wag his tail while looking off into the distance, and then he just walks away while I’m still petting him.  I should mention that he’s also smart, and endlessly hilarious, always cracking me up with his antics.  Even when he’s being naughty it’s hard to get mad at him because he basically has no clue he’s doing anything wrong.

Ferris all grown up. What a handsome boy!

While Ferris seems ambivalent toward people, when it comes to other dogs it’s a completely different story.  He really needs other dogs in his life.  He loves all of my other dogs, sometimes a little too much.  Before Henry came along, Ferris incessantly pestered Rex and Rudy for attention, and seemed to think that Cubby & Sox were his personal toys, and was often too rough with them.  That’s where Henry has earned his kibble, BIG time.  Henry is a sturdy, reliable, resilient, and willing playmate, and keeps Ferris busy.  They really are best buddies, and I couldn’t be happier.  Ferris has grown up to be a good boy, and I have no doubt that being a big brother to Henry has been an essential part of that process

Even though he’s only 6 months old, it’s already obvious that Henry couldn’t be more different from Ferris.  He LOVES people, and is a huge cuddle bug.  I think if he had his way, when he wasn’t playing with Ferris, he’d sit on my lap all day.   He loves our pack, but is uninterested in any dogs other than our pack.  Henry is all about PEOPLE!!  He greets everyone he meets as if they’re his long lost best friend.  I find it interesting, because I didn’t spend any more time socializing Henry than I did Ferris, and truth be told I really didn’t make a huge effort with either of them, it was basically just people coming to visit occasionally.

I took this of Henry yesterday, his ears are trying to come up.

I find it fascinating how different dog’s personalities can vary.  It’s that age old question nurture or nature?   I’ve always assumed it’s a little of both, and these two are a perfect example.  Henry and Ferris are not related, and they are 6 months apart in age.  They were each adopted by me when they were approximately 10 weeks of age, both came from the same rescue, where they were surrendered with their litter-mates.  Both were raised by me in exactly the same way.  I am certain if I had adopted either one of them as an older puppy or an adult, I would have assumed some of their behavior toward people and other dogs was a result of how they were raised, but in this case I absolutely know different since I raised both of them.

Just another example of how different each dog’s personality can be.  Even after working with dogs for going on 40 years, and living with a pack of at least 15 rescue dogs of all ages and breeds for the last 13 years, I am continuously amazed at how much I learn from my dogs in general, and my pack in particular about dog behavior!  I wouldn’t trade my unique experience living with these amazing creatures for all the money in the world.