Ferris & Henry

This week we celebrated Ferris’ one year adoption anniversary.  It’s hard to believe we’ve all survived, oh sorry did I say that out loud?  Seriously, he has grown into a sweet, fun guy, even though he really does seem to have a doggie version of attention deficit disorder, and often has a rather endearing blank look on his face.


Earlier this year Ferris earned the title of “Destructodog par Excellence”,  when he successfully disemboweled two futon couches, and several dog beds.  We won’t even mention the dozens of stuffed dog toys.

I apologize if the content of this photo is disturbing to any of you.  Just know that the end was quick, and futon didn’t suffer.

I’ve considered pursuing something like obedience, or maybe agility classes to tire out his brain and body at the same time.  Ferris is however, well…let’s just say, not so bright.  Whenever I’ve tried a one on one training session with him, he could not be less interested.  His concentration is similar to that of a gnat, he’s just way too distracted by things like, the other dogs, smells, noises, and, you know, air.  Lucky for me, I have lots of other dogs to help teach him, and while he may not want to learn by typical training methods, he does learn from the other dogs.  They have helped teach him to sit, wait, and get into his crate on command.

As most of you know, I adopted Henry this spring, as a playmate for Ferris.  The plan worked, they love to play together.  Truth be told, to an untrained eye it looks like they love to beat the crap out of each other, but it really is just really rough, loud, rowdy, boy play.  Considering this is the only way Ferris plays, Henry truly is a perfect pal for him, and they have become best buddies.

This photo is a bit outdated, Henry is now the same size as Ferris.

Henry at 8 months old, is still a puppy in many ways, but he is CLEARLY very different from Ferris.  Henry is laser focused on me, super affectionate, and quite bright.  I’d love to take some classes with him, and if I can get him over his car sickness I will.  There’s nothing worse than taking a dog that gets carsick to classes.  They feel like crap when they get to class, so they aren’t super interested in treats until maybe halfway through the class.  Then on the way home they vomit up the treats from training class.  How fun – let’s do that again!!

Having two young rowdy boys in the house has been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.  I laugh a lot, (when I’m not yelling at them).  They really are pretty hilarious.

I wasn’t aware of how much Ferris had bonded to Henry until yesterday.  Henry is staying at the vet’s for the weekend and getting neutered on Monday.  Ferris has been moping around like a sad little child who’s lost his favorite toy.  Which is pretty much exactly what has happened.  It’s strange to see him all droopy and quiet.  I actually miss the nutty, sometimes exasperating Ferris.  Yesterday he tried to play a little bit with Cubby & Sox, but they weren’t interested in being dragged around like a rag, so it didn’t last for long.  Then he tried to coax Rex in playing, but that didn’t go over too well either.  He eventually resorted to curling up in Henry’s crate to mope.  I think he’s going to be getting a lot of stuffed kongs, and chewies this weekend.

So so sad, missing his buddy



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