Sharing the love

Ok, so you probably think this is going to be about sharing love with my dogs.  While I do enjoy doing just that on a daily basis, this is about something else.

I was recently invited to write a guest blog post for my very favorite Podcast – Experience 50 with Mary Rogers.  I was honored and thrilled to be her first listener blogger!

If you are middle-aged, and aren’t listening to Experience 50, then stop what you’re doing and go listen RIGHT NOW!  Ok, maybe finish reading this and then go listen, but seriously, don’t wait too long because you are missing out on something spectacular!  I love this woman.  She asks intelligent questions of her guests, and covers topics pertinent to all of us in the throes of middle-age.  Besides, just her voice alone is addictive, and her humor is hilarious.

Give it a try you won’t regret it, I promise!


Wow, I haven’t posted anything since winter, how embarrassing, and here it is, nearing the last week of June already.   My, where does the time go?   Oh well, I suppose there’s no use fretting about it.  Time marches on!

I lost a few of the senior members of crew over the winter.  Losing a dog just plain sucks.  It never gets easier, no matter how appropriate the decision may be to say good-bye.  Because of my unique circumstances living with different versions of a rather large pack for the last 15 years, and prior to that, my career in various roles in dog welfare, I’ve been through it more times than I care to remember.

Everyone grieves differently, and I would never dream of telling someone else how to feel about the loss of a furry loved one.  Some people want to adopt another pet right away.  I’m all for that, as long as it’s clear that the new pet is not a replacement to fill the emptiness, and instead is a way to share love once again.  Some people feel that getting another pet would be disrespectful to the pet they’ve lost.  Some are so heartbroken they vow to never have another pet.  There is no right or wrong way, all I can say is to give yourself a little time to feel your feelings and do what you need to honor the pet you’ve lost, and then see if you can open your heart again.

I try not dwell on it, I grieve in my own private way, and move forward.  For me, having multiple dogs helps me through the pain.  We all still feel the loss, but we have each other to turn to for comfort .  Again, speaking personally, knowing my remaining dogs need me to be there for them, helps me to avoid wallowing in my grief.  As is often the case, I take my cues from the dogs – they live in the present, and life goes on.   Ok, enough sadness…

It’s been a cool and wet summer around here so far.  My flowers are doing well with all of the rain.  I’ve fed them a few times in hopes of more blossoms, but I haven’t had to water them much so far.


The dreary weather means dogs haven’t had too many opportunities to lay in the sun on the deck, but it we’re all hoping that changes soon.  Meanwhile, a warm blanket straight from the dryer on the floor will suffice.

Frankie, Huck, Tjarlie, Ferris, and Cubby