It’s always something…

Many of you will remember the whole futon debacle of last year.  Ferris (aka destructodog) disemboweled not just one, but two futon mattresses during his teenage rebellious months.  Thank goodness with dogs the “terrible teens” lasts months instead of years.  I really don’t know how parents do it.

Ferris worked very hard on his project.

My solution was to have a futon free family room.  This meant no upholstered furniture, and I quickly learned, not any soft dog beds or pillows, lest our naughty friend get any ideas in his little tiny brain.

This is what happens to pillows, and yes that is Ferris in the middle of the mess. He tried to implicate Huck in his scheme, but it didn’t work. I knew who was responsible.

I had to resort to hard plastic dog beds with blankets inside to make them more comfy.  For almost a year now the family room furniture (and I use the term furniture very loosely) has consisted of plastic dog beds, crates stuffed with blankets, and a few spare blankets on the floor.  I had a plastic lawn chair to sit on, with another available if I had a guest willing to succumb to the mob of dogs.   Let’s put it this way, as long as any human brave enough to enter the doggie domain leaves the area covered in dog hair and saliva, the dogs feel their mission has been accomplished.

I did attempt to use a spare airbed that lasted about 30 minutes before it was flattened into a large plastic pancake (yeah, I know, dumb idea).

Really dumb idea

Earlier this spring I ordered a twin bed frame that sets up like a cot, and a child’s mattress – both were inexpensive, and with my Amazon points, cost me a grand total of about $25.  I figured at that price I could afford to experiment.  Fear got the better of me, and I let them both sit in boxes in my front hall for about 3 months fretting over whether or not I should risk having Ferris ruin another mattress, and dreading the possible issues with putting the frame together.  It had been several years since putting together the futon frames, but I remembered it involving tools and some swearing.

Last week I decided it had been long enough.  I was hoping maybe Ferris had grown out of his destructodog phase.  The bed frame took a whole 5 minutes to set up (boy did I feel stupid for worrying about that!)  The mattress is an inner spring, instead of foam or other more tempting to destuff material.  So far so good.  I have been closely monitoring Ferris when he’s in the family room, and he hasn’t seemed very interested in the mattress, other than napping on it!   It’s also usually covered in other dogs, so maybe that helps too.  The dogs all missed having a nice comfy bed to share, and now everyone is much happier, most of all ME!!!