I was picking up some dog poop for the upmteenth time today, when I suddenly realized that I’ve most likely picked up tons of dog poop over the years.  I mean literally TONS.  What a strange thought, and yes I probably do need to get out more.   So, how is it that I think I have literally picked up tons of dog poop? (asked no one, ever.)

Why are you talking about this?

For starters, I’ve been picking up poop for 40 years!  Yeah sure, anyone who has owned dogs for a long time could say the same thing, but I’m talking professional pooper scooper level here.  I worked in a boarding kennel from  1979 to 1983 and my main job was cleaning kennels, which we all know means poop duty, for multiple dogs, multiple times a day.

Seriously, no one cares.

In 1986 I started vet-tech school, and got a job working part time at the county humane society, and my main job once again, was cleaning kennels for multiple dogs, multiple times a day.  I graduated from tech school in 1989, and worked in vet clinics, and with rescue groups until 2012.  As a tech I cleaned kennels on the job, and once I started fostering multiple rescue dogs I had a lot of poop duty at home too.

Presently, I’ve lived with no less than 15 dogs since 2005…once again poop duty for multiple dogs, multiple times a day.  That all adds up to a whole LOT of poop, people!!  And let me be clear here – I don’t let dog poop sit in my yard – ever.  I clean up after my dogs immediately, whether it’s outside, or on potty pads (or not) inside.

Are you still talking about this?

I’m thinking this has to add up to at least a ton of poop, right?   Right? Hello? Never mind, I need to go pick up poop again…and I really do need to get out more, obviously.