Hello fall, good-bye fall…

It seems like fall just started and now suddenly winter is fast approaching. Looks like I’ve fallen into a seasonal post mode. I hope to change that and post more often, but don’t hold your breath, there are a lot of things that I’d like to change and somehow never get there.

I haven’t been particularly busy, but I have had an exciting fall. Exciting being a matter of opinion to be sure. For me things like a new roof, and a new deck are terribly exciting. The roof was something I’ve wanted to do since I moved in 8 years ago, but kept putting off because of the expense, and I wasn’t having any problems. However, the roof was 25 years old, and I kept getting this nagging feeling that waiting until there were problems wasn’t the best plan. The world being as it is, and turning 60 this summer has given me a bit of a different perspective.

I’ve been an advocate of choosing happiness in my life, in combination with appreciating what I have, but lately I find that I am tending toward the much overused “you only live once” direction (I refuse to use the acronym so get over it). My version of this is to make my life comfortable within reason, for me. That “for me” is the big qualifier. We all have different things we value. I would not judge someone for taking vacations, or their dream trip around the world, or buying a new car every 2 years (or their dream car) if it makes them happy. I am not one to take vacations (in the past 30 years, I’ve taken one vacation) or buy a new vehicles (my car is a 2007), but I’m also not going to deprive myself of experiences or things that I value, like a new roof. Now I wake up every day feeling snug and safe in my home which is a nice feeling and totally worth the cost of a new roof.

In keeping with that idea, the BIG exciting news is that I replaced the deck. It is now much bigger! I chose composite instead of wood, which did cost a pretty penny, but was the best choice for me. I am getting older and the idea of power-washing and staining a deck every year was not something I had any interest in what-so-ever. This thing will be around and looking good long after I’m gone. I did get a bit carried away and enlarged it by more than twice the square footage, but I have zero regrets. It is wonderful and amazing and I love it. Of course my primary motivation was the dogs. My little ones don’t get to run around in the yard because of safety issues, and as a result used the deck as their outdoor space. Now we have a great big outdoor space where we can all hang out with plenty of room for everyone. It makes me smile every single time I look out the windows and see it. I had to make a few of my own adaptations for it to be safe for the littles, which presented a few challenges, but I figured it out. I even got some fake grass and shrubs for everyone to potty on.

Old Deck

New deck

We’ll be spending a LOT of time out here in nice weather, and I have a feeling we’ll be out here in the snow as well. I’ll let you know since I’ll be due for another seasonal post once the white stuff starts to fly.