It’s that time again…

Tonight we turn the clocks ahead one hour. I used to hate the time change, but since retiring a few years back, it doesn’t really make much difference now – other than my schedule with the dogs is at a different time…according to the clock. I used to try to acclimate them to the time change. The whole hour back in the fall was much more difficult since they’d want to get up at what used to be 5 a.m. but instead was 4 a.m. “new time”. That’s a bit of a stretch even for me. I’d gradually push the time that I got up later and later by a few minutes every day. I’d ignore the whining and whimpering as long as I could. It was excruciating and took weeks. Poor dogs, they didn’t know what was going on and thought I was losing my mind.

“You feeling ok, mom? I’m a little worried about you.”

Now I just keep them on the same schedule and don’t pay attention much to the clock. So tomorrow I’ll be getting up at 6 (new time), and they’ll be eating at 8. Easy peasy. Or at least I hope so.

"Let's just go back to bed ok?"
“Do we really have to wait until 8 to eat?”

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